Close the Revolving Doors eBook

In the 30 years of being involved in this incredible industry, I have found that the one thing that most Leaders are frustrated with is How To Keep The People in their business and keep a Higher Percentage of Distributors Active from year to year. Instead, it seems as if most Leaders have a Revolving Door to their business. The goal of writing this book is to give you a glimpse of A System that I feel when put into place throughout your organization, and a little shift in your Philosophy with getting people started, will allow you to enroll people one time and have them stay in your business for The Rest of your Networking Career and get paid a Long Term Residual Income year after year.

Now, I know that you’re never going to have a business that’s perfect, but this system will allow you to keep a Higher Percentage of your new Distributors. Start Teaching This System to your whole team and find leaders that will Duplicate the Process and this will create momentum in everyone of your business teams. When you have momentum in every leg of your business with this system in place, this is where True Residual Income is created. When you have every Leader in your business Duplicating this System into their business; now you have Lifestyle!

You are going to be amazed at the new Mindset and new Belief that my system creates throughout your team. So, let’s dive right into the first chapter and start closing some of the Revolving Doors. Buckle Up; Here we go!

Close the Revolving Doors Audio

Whether you’re in the car, taking a run, or like most of us, just On The Go, we made sure that for those of you who prefer audio content that our eBook is ready to pause and play at your convenience. Close The Revolving Door AUDIO BOOK is just another great way to download our Training System into your business.

Close the Revolving Doors Videos


In this First Door we’ll lay down the Key Business Philosophies and what it takes to start closing some of the Biggest Revolving Doors. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1st Philosophy: is getting Distributors to have 100% Success in everything they Do.

  • 2nd Philosophy: is how to keep your new Distributors Mind on their Business.

  • 3rd Philosophy: is how you train your new Distributor, with the L.T.D.’s

  • 4th Philosophy: is how to Build Belief in your Distributors with the 3P’s

  • 5th Philosophy: is how you begin Building TRUST with your new Distributor

  • 6th Philosophy: is the MINDSET your Distributors need to have from the beginning.


In this Second Door, we want to show you how essential it is in Getting YourNew Distributors Started Correctly. Because how you start someone stays with them forever and it’s how they will start people. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1st Step: is, you must have an 8 Point System that you start every Distributor with.

  • 2nd Step: is, you have to teach your Distributors that This is not a Membership Club.

  • 3rd Step: is, you have to Slow Down, in the beginning, so Your Can Speed Up Later.

  • 4th Step: is, teaching your Distributors what they’re Trying To Get Accomplished.

  • 5th Step: is, you have to take these steps to get everybody Plugged In to the Team.

  • 6th Step: is, showing your Distributors how to do the Work One Time Correctly.


In the Third Door, I will share with you the Quality Invite Filtering System. This system is the reason why I wrote this book, because most leaders are teaching the basic skills all wrong. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1st Filter: is the Q.I. LIST BUILDING

  • 2nd Filter: is the Q.I. INVITATION

  • 3rd Filter: is the Q.I. INTERVIEW

  • 4th Filter: is the Q.I. MEETING

  • 5th Filter: is the Q.I. FOLLOW UP

  • 6th Filter: is the Q.I. GETTING STARTED


In the Fourth Door, we’ll look at an Area that marks the real difference between the top money earners in the Network Marketing Industry, & that’s Structure, Depth and Taproots . . . . Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1st Formula: Understanding the Numbers Game for a Proper Structure of Width.

  • 2nd Formula: Knowing that building Depth allows you to find your LEADERS.

  • 3rd Formula: Finding Leaders is a Science, but Developing Leaders is an Art.

  • 4th Formula: Knowing when to Slow Down and Build a Firewalls.

  • 5th Formula: Knowing that most problems are because you’re Not Deep Enough.

  • 6th Formula: Knowing how to create a pure Taproot System in your Business.


In the Fifth Door, we will talk about Six Secret Weapons and A Powerful S.Y.S.T.E.M. for all your Distributors to plug into. Here’s what you’ll learn:

  • 1st Weapon: is knowing the Biggest Promoters of the S.Y.S.T.E.M. have the Biggest Teams.

  • 2nd Weapon: is the 3 Vital Tools that Unites your team together for long-term Growth.

  • 3rd Weapon: is knowing what Gear or Phase each of your Business Teams are in.

  • 4th Weapon: is having The 5 C’s built into each leg of your Business for Real Leadership.

  • 5th Weapon: is having the 4 Business Pulses checked for the real Health of your Business.

  • 6th Weapon: is knowing Edification is the ONE thing that creates Duplication & Leadership.

The Art of Building Firewalls Video

You must Build a Firewall and a Pure Taproot System in each level of Depth before you go to the next step. Most Leaders in this Industry are trying to move to fast in getting people started so they can benefit from the new Volume & Perks. They need to Slow Down enough to Lock In a new Distributor before they go on to the Next Level or Step. In this Training I’ll show you how to Build a Firewall and a Pure Taproot System so you do the work one time & not have a Revolving Door Business.

The Art of Building Firewalls Audio

Whether you’re in the car, taking a run, or like most of us, just On The Go, we made sure that for those of you who prefer audio content that our eBook is ready to pause and play at your convenience. Firewall Training Audio is just another great way to download our Training System into your business.

The Art of Building Firewalls Poster

It’s never been done in the Network Marketing Industry, but now on one 6ft x 3ft Poster is everything you need at the tips of your fingers to tracking your business. This poster allows you to draw out your personal distributors & the ability to track each person your working with in depth while you Build Firewalls down 20 deep in each leg. And at the bottom of the poster is a way to track the 4 Major Pulses of each of your growing legs & then a total of your whole group to see the real Health of your Organization. Just start filling in the circles to a Million Dollar Business.

McNelly Training Free Resources

McNelly Training Q.I. System

The Quality Invite System (Q.I.) is a Filtering Process from the time you meet someone through getting them started. This system was created to Saving People Time by knowing what their Trying to Accomplish at every stage, so their not working with the wrong people & all the Negative Results.

McNelly Training Daily Planner

This Daily Planner is Designed to get the maximum out of your week & to look at where your are spending your time. Most distributors are spending a big percentage of there time in area’s that aren’t income producing activities. Is your Time Duplicable, Effective, Fast & Timed, this Planner allows your to Monitor your activity, Measure your results, Adjust your approach & Control your Success. It allows you to see where you stand every week with your business skills and helps you to see where to adjust.

McNelly Training Event Envelope

This Simple Tool is probably one of the greatest tools for Growth. We all know that getting distributors to Big Events is the most important thing you can do for them because events can do for your distributors everything that you can’t.  If you’ll pass out this Envelope 3-4 months before your next Event and walk people through NOW what they need to do to prepare for the Event when it comes to Money, Hotel, Airfare, Their Job, Babysitters, etc… then you’ll have a lot more people coming to the event verses trying to do all this a week or two before the Function.

McNelly Training Activity Card

This 10 Steps of a Team Player Sheet is vital to get to your newest Distributors so their plugged into a system of information, people & tools that will further their learning curve while your helping other people on your team. This Team player concept should be the Foundational Teaching everytime you get your teams together. It also provides you away to see what Medicine each of your teams need when you get them together for your monthly Events. If that particular teams numbers are down in a couple of areas, It allows you to teach mainly on those 2 things and gloss over the other 8 steps. This 10 Step System has been Proven to be the Common Habits that all Big Business Builders have used to get the business they have today.  I’ve never seen these 10 Steps if taught right ever disappoint in Getting your Whole Team on the Same Page.

McNelly Training Profit & Loss Sheet

You can’t run a real business unless you know where you stand financially every week/month/year. Most Network Marketers don’t treat there business Like a Business just an Expensive Hobby. This simple profit or loss sheet is designed to be easy for your newest distributor or that person that hates the whole budget/details part of any business. It’s simply your Total Income Minus Expenses & Savings Equals a Profit or Loss in your business that week. Total up 5 weeks & you know if you really made any money that month. You add up 12 months of running your business this way and you can see where your money goes and whether you had a Profitable Year.

McNelly Training Teamplayer Tracking 

As a Leader you have to make the 10 Teamplayer Steps the Foundation of what your looking for as an Example for your team and where to put your Valuable Time into your Business, so you have to go by what you see distributors doing not what they say. So we put together this Tool that will allow you to look down at all your Personal Legs and the Team Players that are coming out of Depth so you’ll know Where to Work and just how Stable each Leg really is at the moment. Remember you need to Back a Leader with a Leader with a Leader with a Leader before you really have a Residual Business.

McNelly Training 120 Day Run Worksheet

The 120 Day Run is all about one thing, Massive Action. Many Networking Marketing leaders do a 120 Day Run in the beginning of Each Year and they see exponential momentum and growth from their teams each time. The 120 Day Run is a Challenge that will take you out of your Comfort Zone and require nothing but the best of yourself! Run alongside other Network Marketing Pro’s by downloading this FREE 120 Day Run Game Plan.

McNelly Training Foundational Worksheet

Over the years in this Industry I have found that most New Distributors don’t know how to start their business with a Proper Foundation of Width & Depth. Your foundation will hurt you or be your best friend down the road, so it’s important like a Foundation of a House that you Get It Right or the whole house will have problems. So I designed this live worksheet so you can track what your trying to get accomplish as your building your personal width and how to get each person Started Correctly from the very beginning.

McNelly Training 10 Pulses Worksheet

This Worksheet is like going to see your Doctor for a check up, it will show you how to check what I call the 10 Major Business Pulses for the overall Health of your business not just how many people you have on your Team or how much Volume you had this month. Because each of your Teams are different, this worksheet will let you see the Health of each Team, and the overall Health of your Whole Organization. Now, take these numbers to your Upline Coach and you will get some insight on the real Health & Stability of your Business.

McNelly Training Events Tracking

If you ask the Top Leaders in this Industry what is the Most Important thing you can do to help a New Distributor or Help a Team create Momentum, they will all say to get them to a Major Event. These events are designed to do what you can’t do by yourself. They will see the Vision of the Company, they will see A lot of Success coming from all walks of life, they will Hear Something before the weekend is over that will help them go from Determined to build their business, to going home Committed to do what ever it takes to build their business. This Event Tracking Worksheet is designed to help you Track Event Numbers from all your Business Teams.

McNelly Training Developing Leaders

As we all know, everything rises and falls on Leadership, so to truly have a Long Term Passive Income you have to have Leaders backed by Leaders, backed by Leaders, backed by Leaders down each of your Business Teams. Over the years I wanted a way to look down each of my teams and see who the Rising Stars & True Leaders where at a moments notice, with this Developing Leaders Tracking Sheet you can now see Who They Are and where to Spend Tour Time in each of your Growing Teams.