My Name is Dale McNelly I live in Chattanooga Tennessee with my wife Lori of 38 years. We have 5 Grown Children that we Like a Lot and 5 Grand kids that we Love dearly. I was a musician (drummer) for half my life, a Husband, Father, Grandfather, Speaker, Personal Coach, Author and Business Entrepreneur for the other half of my life. . . . so far.

From the very beginning of my early life as a kid I wanted to be an Entrepreneur. I Sold a Gossip Newspaper in front of the local grocery stores and then graduated to delivering 350 News papers everyday to my little town of Red Bank, TN. On Saturdays I would go down to the local Barber Shop & Shined Mens Shoes for 25 cents till lunch time & then go out and Mow as many Yards that I could on a Saturday before the sun went down to earn money.

Then one day when I was in Elementary school the Drummers from the local High School came to give a performance & from that day on I Wanted to be a Drummer. I Played the drums from middle school through high school, then I had the opportunity to try out for a Drum & Bugle Corp out of Atlanta GA & was selected to Play & Tour with them to just about every state in this beautiful country for a couple of years. When I came home and started my Adult Life and got into the work force to earn a living, I realized real quick with the few jobs that I had worked, the 9-5 Job world was NOT something I wanted to do the rest of my life.

At that point I was introduced to the Networking Industry & started what ending up being my Profession for the next 30 Years. It allowed me to meet some incredible people from every walk of life. I was able to learn to over come a great fear of speaking in front of a few people, which lead to a few 100 people, to speaking to a crowd of over 18,000 people. That lead me to Coaching people that wanted to start their Own Business and become Entrepreneurs. Which brings us to the last couple of years where I sat down and wrote a book, recorded an audiobook & some training videos about this Incredible Profession called Networking.

In the process of writing this book “Close the Revolving Doors of your Network Marketing Business” I was doing a lot of research on a few people that were taking their business online & were having incredible results. Matter of fact I was seeing people in a month create more with their Digital approach to Networking than I was doing in a year. I bought quite a few courses, books & memberships looking for the tips on how to grab this new Digital approach & put into place in my own business. But to be honest it seemed like an ocean of information & it was a little over whelming. Then I clicked own an Ad from one of the Owners of EMP, which I had seen multiple times over the months of research & bought the Attraction Marketing Formula eBook. Well I can’t tell you how surprised I was at how easy they brought the whole Digital World to an easy to understanding process. Click Here and sign up for the Book & the 10 Day Boot Camp and you will never see your Network Marketing Business the same every again.