Dale’s energy and passion for helping people succeed

is one of the biggest reasons he’s amazing to hire and

have at your next team or company event.

Dale speaks at various types of events and adds tremendous value in many areas of coaching, not only does He teach and coach, but he’s in the trenches every day implementing exactly what he teaches in his own Business. This is what makes his training very different…. AND very relevant. It’s NOT ‘Theory’ it’s actual ‘real-life’ knowledge and skills that he also covers in his brand new Book “Close the Revolving Doors of your Network Marketing Business.” Click Right Here to download his new book today.

Here are a few areas that Dale

Can Train on at your event:

  • The Key Business Philosophies for a Strong Foundation

    • Getting your Distributors to have 100% Success in everything they do.
    • What you do to keep your new Distributors Mind on their Business.
    • How to Train your New Distributors with the L.T.D.’s
    • How to Build Belief in your Distributors with the 3P’s
    • How to begin Building Trust with your New Distributors.
    • The Mindset you have for your Distributors from the very beginning.
  • Getting your New Distributors Started Correctly

    • You MUST have an 8 POINT SYSTEM that you start every Distributor with.
    • You have to teach your Distributors that THIS IS A BUSINESS, not a Membership Club.
    • You have to SLOW DOWN, in the beginning, so you can SPEED UP LATER.
    • Teaching new Distributors what they’re TRYING TO GET ACCOMPLISHED.
    • Take these steps to get everybody PLUGGED IN, no one likes a Business Clique.
    • Showing your Distributors how to do the WORK ONE TIME so they can GET PAID FOREVER.
  • The Quality Invite System for the Ultimate Filtering Process

    • The Q.I. LIST BUILDING: this is where the Filtering and Sorting Process Starts.
    • The Q.I. INVITATION: this is where you see if they’re currently looking.
    • The Q.I. INTERVIEW: to see if they connect with 2 of the 6 things in your Interview
    • The Q.I. MEETING: this is where they get to meet the team, and see a full presentation.
    • The Q.I. FOLLOW UP: to ask/answer questions to see if you can PARTNER TOGETHER.
    • The Q.I. GETTING STARTED: Slow Down & start them Correctly with the 8 step System.
  • The Proper Structure, Depth, Firewalls and a Pure Taproot System

    • Understanding the NUMBERS GAME for building Proper Structure of Width.
    • Knowing that DEPTH allows you to find LEADERS for Long-term Residual Income.
    • Finding Leaders is a Science, but Developing Leaders is an Art.
    • Knowing when to Slow Down and BUILD A FIREWALL before you go to the next level.
    • Knowing that most problems are because you’re NOT DEEP ENOUGH yet.
    • Do you know the difference between BUILDING DEPTH and a pure TAPROOT SYSTEM.
  • Building Teams with a S.Y.S.T.E.M.

    • Knowing that the BIGGEST PROMOTERS of the S.Y.S.T.E.M. have the Biggest Teams.
    • Knowing the 3 VITAL TOOLS that have to be in your system for Long-Term Growth
    • Knowing WHAT GEAR your Teams are in so you know what your trying to Accomplish.
    • Having The 5 C’s built into each leg of your Business for Real Leadership
    • Having the 4 BUSINESS PULSES checked every month for real Stability of your Business.
    • Knowing that EDIFICATION is the one BIG thing that you must get good at.
  • Some Advanced Topics Taught at your Request Only

    • Live Team Building with Goals and Rank Advancements for each Team in the Room.
    • 4 Levels of Leadership Training for every Leader in the Room, no matter what Level.
    • 4 Personality Styles on your Team & how to understand all 4 for maximum Unity.
    • Plus Sale Funnels, Lead Generation, Automation, Blogging, Vlogging & Branding.
    • And Much Much More . . . .

As your event organizer, Dale knows that it’s your job to

bring some of the most entertaining and educational trainers

and speakers to your stage…. This is where Dale shines.

Get ready to impress your audience with the training that Dale can bring to your group!

To inquire more about having Dale come to speak at your next event, please take 2 mins to fill out this questionnaire below or email Dale at: speaking@dalemcnelly.com

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